Update: Missing planes, immigration controversy and Swiss tennis

I will forever be connected to Switzerland and to La Réunion, through the experiences which I have recounted in part on this blog. How bizarre it was, then, to see La Réunion pop up on BBC News just weeks after my return to the UK. Switzerland, meanwhile, mainly garners media attention for its attitude to immigration and … More Update: Missing planes, immigration controversy and Swiss tennis

Day 195: Genève

Nous avons visité Genève hier : une visite guidée du Palais des Nations (l’ONU) et une promenade pour voir la vieille ville, le Mur des réformateurs, la cathédrale et le jet d’eau. C’était une très bonne journée malgré la pluie et la première fois que j’ai visité Genève (sauf pour aller à l’aéroport). Bon, je … More Day 195: Genève

Leaving Neuchâtel

Somewhere Else Strangely, yesterday was the first time that I’ve left the town of Neuchâtel since I arrived here. We went by train to the very edge of Switzerland, walking through beautiful forested countryside to a river (the Doubs) and waterfall, (appropriately le Saut du Doubs). From there we walked up the hill and into … More Leaving Neuchâtel