Update: Missing planes, immigration controversy and Swiss tennis

I will forever be connected to Switzerland and to La Réunion, through the experiences which I have recounted in part on this blog. How bizarre it was, then, to see La Réunion pop up on BBC News just weeks after my return to the UK. Switzerland, meanwhile, mainly garners media attention for its attitude to immigration and … More Update: Missing planes, immigration controversy and Swiss tennis

Is That All?

I had been doing pretty well with my blog since arriving in La Réunion… but it’s now been over a month since my last post. Luckily, there’s just time to post this so that I have something to show for the month of April. Now, suddenly, it’s the final countdown. An assistant’s contract finishes at … More Is That All?

Electrical Storm

My last post, which explained what I actually do as a language assistant in Reunion, was intended to follow shortly after la rentrée (the return to school at the end of January after the lengthy summer holidays). Alas, by the time I got round to writing it on Sunday 8th, only a week of school … More Electrical Storm

Into The Heart

Last weekend, we went into the heart of La Réunion, right into the cirque de Mafate, to visit a couple of schools and to teach the children there a little bit of English. Or, as I put it in the obligatory Facebook post, “I taught English in the mountains”. I have to say, it was … More Into The Heart