Day 77: The Awkward Moment When…

Friday was a pretty gloomy day.

Freaky Friday in the Forest

Rather than going to the gym yesterday afternoon, I took the more convenient exercise option – running straight out of my place and into the adjacent forest – despite the chilling cold and the thick fog (as one of my flatmates accurately assessed, it’s “like !!!!ing Mordor”). It was very atmospheric in the forest but every time someone emerged from the fog it gave me a fright! Anyway, in other news…

The Awkward Moment When You Think You’ve Found The Cinema Where They Show Skyfall In English, The Film Starts, And It’s In French

Quite how I managed this I’m not quite sure. We found the particular cinema where we thought they were showing the original English version of Skyfall (with French subtitles), and everything seemed fine, that was, until the film started. It was in French. No subtitles. I still don’t really understand what happened. Did we wander into the wrong cinema, which happened to be showing the same film at exactly the same time? I suppose it was quite a good challenge and watching it in French is in keeping with that year abroad language immersion spirit, right? Plus at least it is an action film so if you do miss or misunderstand something it doesn’t matter too much. Anyway, it was a great film and I’m glad I saw it at the cinema!

An Interval, Would You Believe?

The other thing to mention is that at cinemas in Switzerland there is an interval; this means that the film suddenly stops in the middle and the lights come on for 10 minutes or so. This is a strange concept. Sure, theatres do it. But, unlike a play or a musical, feature films aren’t made to include an interval, especially not one from the action genre. So that was a little bizarre.

Happy weekending.


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