Day 49: The End of the Week?

The Wednesday Evening Mark

By the time I get to Wednesday evening it’s like I’ve almost made it to the end of the week. Three classes tomorrow and then that’s it for the week. We still have more hours here than we usually have at university in England, so we’re getting more for our money (in general terms – this year is of course free, technically, thank you Erasmus scheme).


And how are all these classes I hear you ask? Well, the classes are very good. There are certain things that we should, in my opinion, be doing at my university but haven’t thus far – particularly translation and civilisation – that we now have the opportunity to do. Areas like phonetics and orthography are also completely new areas to me. There are no small seminar-style classes like there are at my home university; all the classes are in large groups. I don’t mind that – you can still participate if you want.

United Nations (Kind Of)

The students, who are all non-Francophone, form an incredible mixture of nationalities and backgrounds. Many are not university students but people that already live here, which means that they have a very good level of French. The standards are high, which means a very positive environment for us to improve.

Eight Hours: The Impossible Dream?

The 8am starts are still “challenging” but I’m getting used to it, kind of. I really like eight hours of sleep to function well but it has proved difficult to do this during the week. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings I get up at 6:10am (I like to have plenty of time to beautify myself, okay?!); going to bed at 10pm the night before is often just not practical because of work or whatever else.

Anyway, time for dinner!


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