Leaving Neuchâtel

Somewhere Else

Strangely, yesterday was the first time that I’ve left the town of Neuchâtel since I arrived here. We went by train to the very edge of Switzerland, walking through beautiful forested countryside to a river (the Doubs) and waterfall, (appropriately le Saut du Doubs). From there we walked up the hill and into France, where only the Euro signs on wares for sale at a couple of wooden cabins by the path told us that we were in France. Perhaps there was a very discreet road sign too.

A Watershed Moment

Yesterday was also notable because a number of us made the drastic decision not to go to the Irish pub in the town centre, the Café du Cerf, which has been an immovable fixture in any social plans until now.

Tomorrow it’s back to class, and as usual it all begins with a beautiful grammar lesson at 8 in the morning. Laters.


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