Day 23: A Strange Week

Classes Begin

After Monday’s bank holiday, I arrived at my department, the Institut de langue et civilisation françaises, bright and early on Tuesday morning for the induction day, a mixture of introductory presentations, tests, free wine and waiting. It then turned out that Wednesday would be another day off, before we received our timetables and classes finally began on Thursday. It was perhaps the shortest working week of my academic life because at the end of Thursday, that was it, since there are no classes on Friday. As for my timetable, there are roughly 19 hours per week and my personal favourite is grammar class at 8am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Fantastic.


Breaking The Duck

The last few days have seen a shocking development in my life: the purchase – and actual usage – of gym membership. The experience is not at all embarrassing as I had always feared; you just do your own thing and ignore everyone else basically.  I’ve even started doing musculation exercises, although my arms have never seen exercise like this before, so have been making me pay the price for my enthusiasm over the last couple of days. I will, from now on, pace myself a little more in that regard. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed it so far, and this new healthy initiative of mine (including a vow of no pizza until January*) feels appropriate in a country that seems, well, quite healthy in general.

I also took the plunge and purchased a monthly bus pass, having been in an ‘I’ll walk a lot’ state of denial for some time. The pass cost 48chf compared to the 54chf I’ve already spent on individual tickets in about 3 weeks. The amusing part is that it turns out that the 2chf court parcours ticket that we had been buying every time to get from our accommodation into town, or back, is in fact incorrect for the journey because it is only valid for up to 5 stops. So for all my good intentions, I was doing it wrong anyway.

*Except in restaurants, applies to Switzerland only.


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