Day 8: Testing the Water & Tasting the Water

Paddling in the lake.

Neuchâtel was bathed in sunshine today and I made the most of it by going for a paddle in the clear waters of the lake. Nice. Spending my lunchtime in the sun by the lake did have one unexpected result – a bit of September sunburn! On with the moisturiser tonight.

Not a bad place for lunch.

That wasn’t the only water I tested today. I asked one of the students guiding us on a tour around the town (part of the immersion course) whether the water that flows into the little basins scattered all over the town is really potable as the small signs attached to most of them indicate. He confirmed that it is indeed drinking water. I filled up my bottle and it wasn’t half bad.

“A fine day for boating.”

The language classes (another part of the immersion programme), started today in a cute little building behind the Jardin Anglais. This is where my real classes will take place too. Today also saw a marked shift, at least for me personally, from English to French, as I found myself speaking French with any students that I met, including an American and an English person. That’s the spirit.


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